A little bit about us...

We are two brands. Yamafia England is based in Nottingham, England. Run by Lucia Aucott who​ is a massive motorcycle enthusiast. St. Luke is based in Jakarta, Indonesia and run by Lookey and Chezsa, two very creative people.

Our design and technical approach for the clothing is bringing back the vintage vibe, using modern fabric to combine​ comfort and protection.​ We always try to bring some fun into our designs, whether that is by reviving the golden 'On Any Sunday' era of motorcycling or playing around with memories - we aim to be eye-catching and make you smile.

Our products are all made in Indonesia. By manufacturing in limited quantities, our clothing is all produced in the hand-made sector. As our focus is on quality, our staff are paid 10-20 times more than other manufacturing staff, especially compared to those that manufacture for existing major brands.​ ​

We also produce our shoes and trainers, 90% of these products are also hand-made. Our trainers also possess advanced vulcanized technology, and Indonesia is one of the world’s top ten quality footwear producers.​

The advantages of manufacturing in Indonesia are the great mix of fashion, price and sustainability.